Louis Mackay

I graduated as a graphic designer from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London, where I specialised in book design and illustration. Based in Sussex, in the south of England, I now work independently.

For many years I was the designer and publishing manager in a public sector communications team, responsible for the production of a great variety of printed and electronic publications, as well as for the design of exhibitions, displays, logos and visual identities. Together with decades of freelance experience, this has given me a good understanding of the communications needs of all sorts of clients and audiences – commercial, public and not-for-profit.

As an illustrator, I use both digital and traditional techniques. My work includes book illustration for some of Britain’s best known publishers, as well as editorial illustration for magazines, public agencies and corporate clients, and it spans current affairs, history, education, architecture, natural history, countryside, archaeology, ships and the sea, development, the environment, social and legal issues, and travel. I welcome the opportunity to tackle new subjects.

I often work directly with a client’s own in-house or separately contracted editors, writers, photographers, web staff and production managers, and I know the vital importance of good collaboration. I also have experience in the editorial, photographic and production aspects of projects involving design, so I can advise on these questions and, depending on the scope of the project, either include them in my own brief, or bring in other professionals with whom I have worked previously.

If you have a project I might be able to help you with, please use the form on the Contact page to get in touch. Whatever your field of business or activity, I’d be delighted to discuss your design needs with you and help you take your project forward.

Louis Mackay

This website is updated periodically, but see also my recent projects portfolio on Behance Network (opens in a new window).

My Flickr site (opens in a new window) contains a selection of my photographs from various parts of the world.

I also make occasional appearances on the London Review of Books blog (opens in a new window).

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